Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear Uncle Bob, Sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch with you.......

In the gallery........
Lovely man is looking at the wall of canvas reproductions.
Image: The Wall O' Canvas Reproductions

Lovely Man: “These are just amazing! I love the colours. They are so whimsical! Do you have any of the originals left? “
Me: “No, I am sorry, they are all sold.”
Lovely Man: “Hmmmmm...............well, if I buy one of these reproductions does it include the canvas or is it just the picture?”
Me: “Um....well, the picture is actually printed on  the canvas. If you purchase one, you will get this canvas with the picture on it, on the wooden frame. Just like it is here on the wall.”

Lovely Man: “ you don’t sell them separately?”
Me: “Sell the canvas and the painting separately?  Ahhhh, no, we just sell the image on the canvas.”
Lovely Man: “Hmmm, that’s something you could think about doing in the future. I think a lot of people would really go for that!”
I am so feebuddled by now I don’t know my left foot from my left foot. One of us is oddviously terribly confused. Hundreds of people have been here and look at the pictures, point to the one they want and buy it. I put it in a bag, say Thank YOU! and Bob’s your uncle. I thought it was such a straight forward process. Maybe Bob isn’t your uncle at all! Maybe you only have a Great Aunt Lorraine who smokes a pipe and wears men’s shoes. How can you sell a painting that is not on a canvas? In little tiny jars with instructions from my brain? I keep thinking..............
Me: “Do you mean you’d like the picture on paper instead, without the wooden frame?”
Lovely Man: “Oh no, I love that they are ready to hang.....but if they were white, blank canvases then you could choose from the sample pictures and have that picture put on the canvas.”
Me: “Well, that is pretty much how it works, except they are already printed. You can choose any of these at all.”
I do a Vanna White sweep with my right arm and impress, even myself, with my colourful theatricality.
Lovely Man: “Yes, I guess that will work, too. I will take “ Aunt Bun’s Red Dress” and “Brigus Moon” in the large canvas.”
Me: “Ok! Super! I’ll  just wrap them up and put them in a bag for you.”
Pfewf! That was hard.
Maybe, just maybe, he has a long lost Uncle Bob that he  doesn’t know exists.

 Image: My Spidey Arm......I just finished the sky on a great, big 5 foot by 3 foot canvas of a stage in Tilting. I used fishing nets to paint the sky and ended up covered in spider man webs from them. SHE was not at all impressed with how this looked on the wood floor. Will post a photo of finished painting next time....must take bath!


humble_pie said...

of course it's your arm. It is, in fact, your right arm, with the hand turned slightly further towards the right. I'm impressed with the highly contranated twist you're able to muster with your wrist.

but here's what, at first glance, i thought it was. I thought it was a singer in a long white dress with a pretty print on the fabric. Her head, to the right, is thrown back far enough to be almost out of sight.

she is singing an earth chant, or perhaps a hymn. In an inspired state, she has stretched both arms straight up into a glowing red sky.

really, it's beautiful. Not that there's anything wrong with an arm.

Nomadeca said...

And I thought it was you demonstrating your Vanna White wave... :-)