Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall-ing In Love...

Image: "Ambrose Has Had a Crush on Mary Across the Tickle for Years. Last Night He Got into the Partridgeberry Wine and Painted the Inside of His Boat Pink Because it is Her Favourite Colour"
Acrylic on Canvas by Cara Kansala

I always hear about "Spring Fever" but it seems to me, that most everyone Falls in love during the autumn months. Two of our friends just got engaged (Hooray!), Blanche is completely besotted with Boris the Gassy Cat and Stanely has decided that Queenie up at Pinky's house will be his one true love.
Last Monday we were invited to go yachting. On a real yacht with real live yachtsmen who were wearing the loveliest of real live yachting was Fab-Tastic! The captain sailed us from Middle Arm, to Brigus and then to our very own house, so I could get photos from the water for a painting! How amazing is THAT! What lovely friends and thoughtful people. I heart yachting. I was quite surprised that we didn't play YAHTZEE!, but that's just me.
While on the boat, SHE made me reenact the scene from Titanic. Wow, She is full of the original ideas. I wondered, had anyone else ever done that on the yacht before? Probably not. She never ceases to amaze me. Fall-ing in Love. Corey Heart said it best when he re-made poor old, Elvis Presley's hit. Wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can't help Falling in love with you. Just Sayin'......

The yellow house belongs to our besty Pinky Darling. SHE constructed the wee red annex beside the house this spring. It is all looking lovely and very soon, will be a new painting!
Thank you SO much to the Dearlings who took us yachting. It was the best day sailing since time began!

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