Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No One Puts Baby in the Corner....

Image: "Mr. Peckford's Sky Was Still"  Change Islands Series #1  Cara Kansala
We just returned home from a lovely wee trip to Change Islands and Fogo. Sunny days and sandy beaches....seafood chowder at Nicole's on Fogo (the best ever since time began!) and a great opportunity to do a series of paintings.

In the gallery..........
(I am in the back  garden with Sophia tethered to a stake beside me)
Lovely Lady honks the horn.... HONK!
I leave Sophia munching on leaves and go to answer the door.
Lovely Lady and I are chatting about this and that and she is browsing here and there.
Suddenly, a gut-wrenching, blood-curdling cry escapes from the garden.


Lovely Lady: "My dear, you needn't have left your baby out in the garden.....perhaps we should go and get her."


Me: "Oh no!" I say, "She is just being a drama queen. She'll stop in a few minutes."
Lovely Lady: "My dear, I don't want to put my oar in, but I think we should go and see to her...."

Sophia: "WHAAAAAA!"

Me: "Oh sure, she's fine. She's tied to a stake, so she can't go anywhere or hurt herself."

The Lovely Lady looks stunned, horrified and then shocked. She turns rice pudding white and I think she might faint.
Lovely Lady: "Yes, but the baby........."

I quickly realize that Lovely Lady thinks the cries coming from the garden are from a real baby. A human one with toes and ears and a nose. One that might even like rice pudding. I try not to giggle and wonder should I go on, or put her out of her misery.
Me: "OH MY! That isn't a baby crying. It is a goat. She just sounds like a real baby. Come to the window and see..."
Lovely Lady's colour returns to that of butterscotch pudding (she had a tan) and she laughed when she saw the goat.
Lovely Lady: "Did it take you long to train her to do that?"
Me: "To do what?"
Lovely Lady: "To cry like a baby?"
Image: "Sophia Loves Carrots" acrylic on canvas by Cara

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