Monday, August 20, 2012

Does Anyone Know the Number for The Better Business Burro?

For a cat, Blanche is quite the go-getter. She has spent the last few weeks digging trenches, cutting grass and painting signs for what she thought would be a home run of her private meadow and what she calls her "Baymans Bayou". She was going to say "fare thee well" to her days of being a paw-per and   make her fortune charging the outdoor cats for guided tours. Pamphlets were made and distributed throughout the backyard. Excitement was in the air.

Unfortunately, Rose and Sophia got hold of one of the pamphlets and showed up at 2:30, just when Blanche was about to start her tour. To make matters worse, they refused to pay and said they'd spent all of their pin money on pins and raisins. Blanche was gutted. Rose also said that it was against the rules to exclude goats from the tour and she was going to have Sophie call the Better Business Burro......he'd know what to do.
Afraid for her reputation, Blanche agreed and off they trotted.
When they got to the fork in the road, Sophie and Rose butted heads about which way to go and refused to follow poor Blanche to the Bayou. Sophie opted for Lupin Lane and left Rose and Blanche in the dust. This was the worst tour since time began....and Blanche had hurt her foot when she stepped on the fork. She was done.
After a few hours, Blanche wandered into the backyard to see why none of the outdoor friends had shown up and found them all sleeping by the workshop, hopped up on cat grass and Temptations.
Never one to give up, Blanche decided to scrap her tour guide idea, has leased the green deck for a nominal fee and is now renting it out for naps and grooming at 30 minute intervals. It seems she really is quite the entrepemewer after all.
Update: Ed from the Better Business Burro HAS been in touch with Blanche about her tour guide policies and has recommended  that in future, she  provide her clients with tiny straw hats.

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Sally said...

What a delightful tale... Although I'd be a little concerned if Rosie and Sophie insisted on going on Blanche's tours again, they'd eat the little straw hats!