Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello, My Name is Trubble.

Image: "Nuttin' I Can Tink of Cove" by Cara Kansala * Oil on Canvas
(I took some photos in Tilting of this awesome stage that was all alone in the water. SHE asked a local resident what the name of the cove was so that I could title my painting properly...."Nuttin' I Can Tink Of" was the answer. It sounded perfect to me.

Sophia whispers to Blanche: Why does The Grumpy One keep calling The Messy One "Trubble"?
Blanche: I don't know! The Grumpy One seems very cross indeed! Did the Messy One have another spill? Maybe The Messy One ruined one of The Grumpy Ones best shirts again!
Sophia: Nope! The Grumpy One seems to be stomping around talking about keys and locks. It is the third time this month! The Grumpy One seems to be obsessed with locks and keys!
Blanche: If I understand correctly, it sounds like The Messy One has locked herself out of her studio again.

Sophia: I think the Grumpy One is going to have to squeeze in through the 12 inch window.
Blanche: NEVER! How could she fit! Impossible! Maybe The Messy One should call a locksmith!

Sophia: I think The Grumpy One should have had more keys cut. How silly to have only one key and expect The Messy One not to lose it day in and day out! The Poor Messy One is very busy indeed!

Blanche: There she goes! The Grumpy One is crawling  in! This is an accident waiting to happen!
Sophia: Let's watch! I hope The Grumpy One is still able to carry our bale of hay from the shed to the barn!

Blanche: In she goes................

Sophia: The Grumpy One made it! The door is unlocked! She does seem very cross though. LOOK, she has the studio was IN the studio! The Messy One is so very funny! LOOK! The Grumpy One has tied the key around a huge ribbon and is putting it around The Messy Ones neck!

Blanche: How nice! But The Grumpy One is still calling her "Trubble"!
Sophia: How do you think you spell that? In case we want to make The Messy One a T-Shirt or a mug?
Blanche: Oh, definitely just how it sounds. T-R-U-B-B-L-E. Trubble. Sophia, do you think we should start calling her Trubble too?

Sophia: Hmmm.... Yes, Blanche. I have a funny feeling that we should.

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