Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Fairy Goat Mother.....

I have the best Fairy Goat Mother since time began. This morning I was incredibly focussed on my painting and paid little attention to anything else. A one track mind. I had one and was heading towards Troubleville fast.
I gathered up my brushes, my coffee and my paper towels, put on some shoes and a hat, went outdoors and up to my studio. I couldn't wait to get to work!
The past few weeks I have been doing some oil paintings for the summer....big, chunky canvases with lots of textured, yummy paint. I LOVE it!
SO, to work I went......scraping, squeezing, mixing, blending, throwing. LOTS of throwing, splattering and flicking.
I was so proud of myself for taking the time to put up a plastic sheet before I started. SHE would be so very proud, too. I wasn't until I looked down and saw the floor (the one She has been sanding the paint off so She can re-paint it) that I realized I forgot to cover up the floor. To make matters worse, I had put on Her very best El Naturalista shoes from Spain. The leather ones that She hopes will last all her life long. WHY HAD SHE LEFT THEM BY THE DOOR? I just slipped into them this morning without thinking. Shoes...I needed them.
The magic of it all?  There was only one teeny-tiny speck of blue paint on the right foot. Nothing else. My Fairy Goat Mother was on duty this morning and I'll have to make sure she gets a bonus.
When She sees the floor though, I suspect She might die from the anger. On a positive note, Her Spanish shoes WILL have lasted all Her life long!
Image: "Aloof" Oil on Canvas by Cara kansala 2013   30" x 60"

Image: "Into the Trough" Oil on Canvas by Cara Kansala 2013 30" x 60"

Image: The Most Popular Shoes in Troubleville

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