Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine starts with "V"

I have painter-itis, art-thritis, a-pen-disitis, collarbone-era and inkfluenza. I have been painting and drawing to beat the band. (I DID beat the band by the way. They are demanding a rematch.)
SO last weekend I was thrilled, I tell you THRILLED, that friends said they would come for lunch on Sunday. A lovely break, with cooking and laughter and sitting down at the table like civilized beings instead of running up and down the studio stairs spilling mugs of coffee while holding fuzzy-pocketed granola bars.
I made my lovely grocery list so that I could WOW our friends with my tomato and mint salad, my Tuscan Bean soup and my drunken peaches in cream.
SHE was in charge of the grocery store project while I stayed home and coaxed the hairballs down from the ceiling corners and de-fuzzified the sofa.
She came home with bags and bags of supplies and thank goodness She got home when She did because a huge storm had started. (And not just outside)
I started unpacking the groceries and bewilderment changed to fury.
HER: They didn't have any nice ones so I bought these instead. They start with "T". They are red...isn't that the same?
After consulting the Google, I found out She had purchased 15 tomatillos....a weird, fruity, seedy creature that is NOT like a tomato at all!
Me: Where are my green peppers?
HER: They didn't have any, so I got the avocados.
HER: Again, they didn't have any, so I found this maple flavored bacon?
ME: OMG! What about the peaches...I don't see any...even peaches in a can?, they had persimmons on sale. They start with "P".
She holds up a sack, stretching under the weight of about 400 persimmons.

ME: Well, this is just great! What am I going to do? My soup will be a disaster....MAPLE Flavoured SOUP?
HER: SOUP.....well...... it will still start with "S"

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Linda said...

Beautiful, I love the colours!